Get ready for an awesome Baggo tournament at Arkansas Italian Food & Culture Festival presented by Relyance Bank to support the Boys & Girls Club of Central Arkansas! Registration for 2019 Baggo Tournament will be live soon!

Tournament payouts will be awarded to the top four finishing teams.

Please review Baggo Tournament rules:

  • Play to 21 points
  • Three points in the hole, one on the board
  • Throw from behind foot foul line – like a free throw
  • A good throw is an 8 foot arch at a 45-degree angle
  • Play the front half of the board and play the slide
  • Stand opposite of your partner
  • Alternate shots
  • After all eight bags are thrown, calculate your score
  • Points cancel out
  • Last team to score on previous round, tosses first
  • If bags hit the ground, it’s a dead bag and will not be re-thrown
  • If a bag bounces off the caddy onto the board, it doesn’t count
  • If you knock in the opponents bag, it counts for the opponent, not you
  • You don’t have to hit 21 exactly, you can go over
  • At no point should you be holding your opposing teams bags 
  • Skunk rules are NOT in effect; all games to 21 unless otherwise noted
  • Flip for sides of the board to play from if there is a discrepancy; winning team designates first pitch box, losing team picks second pitch box
  • Winning team reports score to the scorers table

Before completing the registration form below, review the Festival’s Baggo Tournament liability waiver form available here. After completing, paying for, and submitting your registration, a copy of this form will be shared with you via email. The form must be completed and provided to Festival Staff before your team’s game begins to be permitted entry.