Film Spotlight & VIP Reception

Seats must be purchased online by Wednesday, April 18. The University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service is hosting our VIP guests for a very special Italian Film Spotlight! Tickets are $25 and get you delicious food from Southern Table, a specialty cocktail, popcorn, and candy. AND it’s going to be a double-feature! Join us to watch “Moonstruck” and “I Sopravvissuti (‘The Survivors’).” Nominated for six Academy Awards and the winner of three including Cher for Best Actress and Olympia Dukakis for Best Supporting Actress, “Moonstruck” is the tale of a widowed woman who falls in love with her fiancé’s brother. It also captures many of the nuances that make Italian families special and … complicated. “I Sopravvissuti,” which means “The Survivors,” is a documentary by Matteo Zengaro that focuses on the rich but little known Italian Heritage across the Delta–including many communities in South Arkansas! Matteo received the much coveted “Russo Brothers Italian-American grant” to make this documentary. Anthony and Joe Russo are film and television producers and directors who have worked on many of the Marvel franchise movies.